How To Write A Meal Plan

Writing meal plans has become a bit of a specialty within my practise.  They take a great deal of time, research and of course persistent effort, however the results always pay off!  Being blessed with a knack for program development has allowed me to develop dozens of programs that I can re-use and customize for any client.  Properly designed programs can be offered in a one on one basis and in group formats as well.  Some of the best opportunities I have had to teach and motivate a group of people on the importance and simplicity of healthy eating have been done in group programs.  As a result of the effectiveness in practice I decided to offer you tips on how to write your own effective programs in hopes you can experience the same results.

Steps to Meal Plan/Program Writing
1)   Set a purpose – Determine what type of program you intend to create and how you wish for it to help others. Write a outline and specifics of your program.  E.g. Weight Loss, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Cleansing, Anti-Cancer.
2)   Research and Gather Recipes and foods that fit within your programs scope.
3)   Write it out as a rough copy and Edit – Be sure your participants won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen doing prep and cooking. Ask yourself does the program flow and does it offer a learning process.
4)   Purchase good Nutrition software and input your meal plan – Check and make sure the macronutrients ratio’s and micronutrient ratios are within the scope of the purpose of your program. (Remember you get what you pay for with software).
5)   Make sure your program is customizable to each client – This can be a bit tricky, but each of your clients will have different taste preferences, time schedules and digestive systems.  Having alternatives ready  that fit the macronutrient and micronutrient profile allows you to offer easy customizations.
6)   Create completed program guides – This includes a recipe guide of all recipes and instructions in alphabetical order, completed weekly grocery lists with foods in categories, A serving guide outlining daily meal and snacks serving guides and a menu outline for a at a glance look at meals and snacks for the week.  This simplifies the healthy eating process and ensures your clients get results from your program.  The more work we do in advanced the better the compliance which ensures you better results!
7)   Trial your program – Find at least 5-10 people to follow your program as it is written and track their progress.  Ask for honest feedback on what they liked or did not like.  You will need to make final adjustments on your program after it is trialed. (remember to not be offended when someone doesn’t like some part of your program, this is important feedback!)
8)   Run your Program! You are now ready to run your program. After months of hard work you now have a tool you can use for years!
As practitioners the success of our practice is based on whether or not we are able to help our clients get results.  Having a customizable program allows you to get results and simplifies the process allowing you to work with more people in less time!
Completed programs allow you the opportunity to increase your revenues and offer referrals the same program their friends or family are doing.  Completed programs also should have weekly lesson plans and educate your clients throughout the time they are following your material.
Please be advised a proper program should take weeks to develop.  And another month or two to trial. Do not rush these out the door, your reputation rides on them!
Nutrinity Health Services has several programs now available for you to use within your practice.  Our proven programs have been running for many years and are each totally customizable to each of your clients! (See ad)
August 20th, 2013 we are training practitioners and students in our Weight Loss Program (biggest revenue producer).  The weight loss program teaches blood sugar stabilization, portion control an eliminates cravings and hunger allowing participants to pretty much eat anything they like that is listed on their meal plans. It was originally a diabetic program, it can take sugars from the high teens, to 6-8 in just five weeks (hence why the physicians love this program!).  It also achieves incredible weight loss as a result.

This is a fabulous program to run in group format!  I have done groups of up to 40 people at a time at $150/person.  Small intimate groups of 10 people are also a wonderful way to teach healthy living and get individual clients.

If you would like more information on how you too can use these programs within your practice contact Alisa Herriman at  705-484-0726

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