Clean Water! The Secret to Healthy Living: Part 3 Clean Water Solutions

The ideal solution to produce the best drinking water is steam distilled water.  Distilled water is 99.9% pure, clean, safe water.  A water distiller is not a filter.  The distiller boils the tap water, creates steam and cools the steam back to pure water, slowly accumulating in a storage vessel or tank.  The boiling process kills micro-organisms.  The process separates all of the water from all the grunge in the water.  The distiller can’t plug up like a filter, since it is not a filter.  Therefore, the quality of the distilled water is constant.

Water distillers are available in manual-fill counter top design as well as larger automated units installed in the basement of a home that pump distilled water to the kitchen using a separate water line.  The best counter top units have stainless steel boiling chambers rather than plastic chambers.

Tremendous misinformation from the water industry, doctors, naturopaths and chiropractors abounds concerning distilled water.  The false claims include:  inorganic minerals in water are necessary for human health, distilled water and reverse osmosis water leach minerals from the body and chemicals vapourize in a distiller and become part of the drinking water.

Wrong information – distilled water leaches minerals from the human body.

Correct information – Mother Nature creates clouds by evaporating water from the soil, distilled water.  When the clouds burst, it rains distilled water back to the ground.  The rain lands on the soil with an attraction for molecules of inorganic soil minerals.  The water droplet attaches itself to the inorganic mineral.  That is why hard water from wells has a high inorganic mineral content.  When it rains, the rain does not dissolve organic trees and lawns, creating rivers of green water flowing down the street.  When you leave a whole apple in a bowl of distilled water for many hours, the distilled water doesn’t dissolve the organic apple and leave you with the apple sauce.

Wrong information – chemicals vaporize with the steam and become part of the distilled water.

Correct information – all distillers have a venting port before the stainless steel condenser coil.  The port allows chemical vapours to escape into the air, not becoming part of the distilled water.  Additionally, all distillers have carbon at the last stage to give the distilled water its final polish, as well as removing any trace of volatile chemicals that may have come across with the steam.

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