Do you know the difference between a Thriving Practice and a Struggling one?

The difference between these two is all in the plan! Business’s fail to succeed when they lack a strong operational plan. Having a strong plan in place ensures any business a profitable outcome. In our ever increasingly saturated market of health and wellness, practitioners should take the time to put special focus into the development of their business plans which will outline profitable operational plans.

Having such plans in place takes research and knowing what information is pertinent to your industry as a wellness practitioner.

Your operational plan should include: 

– Knowing who is going to be your customers. (Please note there is a difference between knowing based on fact, and knowing based on guessing) There are many strategies you can use to determine who in particular really wants your services.

– An outline of your programs, services and products that are geared directly towards your potential customers.

– A fee and pricing structure that keeps you competitive (not under paid, or over charging). 

– Referral Program and reward system.

– Your month to month marketing plan. (One of the most important factors!) 

– Monthly projections and goals.

– Events calendar.

– Publicity options.

These are just a few of the items required to have a functional operations plan in place.

In the years that I have been in business, I have seen numerous intelligent practitioners move on from their businesses and all for the same reason, they lack of profitable activity. We choose our careers in the wellness industry because we are passionate about helping others live healthfully. We work hard to master our chosen modalities and we all have so much to offer. However if you are not profiting (paying the bills with some left over for fun) you can only maintain a struggling business for so long before it will begin to suck the life out of you.

The number one reason I see businesses in the wellness industry fail is because of inconsistent business which in turn results in poor revenues. I personally have been there and it wasn’t until I took the time and effort to create a solid business plan was I able to turn my struggling business into a thriving one. As a result of these experiences I took this understanding, research and a great deal of time to develop a course that would help wellness professionals develop solid business and operational plans ensuring them bigger and better successes.

The Business of Wellness Consulting Course is helping wellness practitioners create a solid foundation from which they can continually grow their practices, help their clients with their knowledge and skills, and enjoy the rewards of long term profitable businesses. 

The Business of Wellness Consulting course offered exclusively through Edison Institute of Nutrition provides you with the tools required to create a functional plan for profitable success. For more information on this course you can contact me at or Edison Institute of Nutrition at .

Yours in Good Health 

Alisa Herriman RNCP ROHP CPCC