Advanced Nutrition Practice

Introducing A New Course Book:

Advanced Nutrition Practice

by Lynne Hinton BSC, BEd, RNT, ROHP

The Edison Institute of Nutrition is excited to announce that the long awaited “Advanced Nutrition Practice” (SYMP2) textbook by Lynne Hinton BSC, BEd, RNT, ROHP is now available!

Advanced Nutrition practice is a compilation of over 16 years of clinical experience, study and the in-depth understanding of putting it all together to help guide your clients to change their outcome and achieve optimal health.

This text and 12 hour DVD will cover topics such as the 5 Underlying Causes of Disease, Mind/ Body Medicine Connection and Understanding Hair Analysis. What is the difference between Cleansing, Drainage and Detoxification? Challenging example case studies and protocols provided with direction on proper Heavy Metal, Liver and Kidney Detoxification, Hormone Pathways, an Integrative Approach to Cancer and much more.

Advanced Nutrition Practice is another exclusive and unique subject brought to you only through Edison Institute of Nutrition. 

2 thoughts on “Advanced Nutrition Practice”

  1. hello:)
    Is this book different than the previous one what I have?
    Thank You


  2. Hi Maria
    No, the book is the same one that you have. I am presently making changes to it now and will release a new version in September 2020. Lynne.

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