Success comes from careful planning

I often get asked from others in the wellness industry how is it that I am able to walk into a large employer and in less than an hour walk out with a contract.  Or how can I teach so many college courses without a teaching degree?  How did I get so busy that I now have a waiting list and wellness establishments knocking at my door wanting me to work with them?

Honestly as much of “brag” as this all is, it is only possible, because I always have a plan!  When I walk into a potential corporate account, I have researched them, their wellness programs, spoken to employees and have the perfect solution in my presentation to them.  I teach college level courses, because I am passionate and I study and research the best possible material and then present it to college administration.  I carefully plan before I even walk in the door.

As for my clientele and reputation, again all are carefully planned.  I carefully planned my marketing every single month for years, and now I have a consulting practice that generates its own leads.  This took years of careful planning.  As a result many businesses want to work with myself only because I have great “plans” their clients can follow.  Are you starting to see the connection?

When I first sat to write the Business of Wellness Consulting Course with Edison, my goal was to help you the student have a plan in hand when you finish your programs.  Without one you will likely do what I did and run in circles for a few years.  You will make lots of mistakes (which is really a good thing) and come to a crossroads where you will have to decide to either persevere or get off the bus.  I remember a moment when my husband said to me( after a few unsuccessful years into my practice), that I needed to get a job!  And to be honest that was the moment I started planning.  I loved what I did and knew I could be successful. I had made many mistakes and I did not plan to make them again.  The Business of Wellness Consulting is how I created my successful practice, and your tool to a successful career.

The wellness industry is a saturated market and there is lots of competition out there, especially competition that does not have the education you have achieved in the Edison program.  It’s hard to survive, yet alone thrive.  This course will help you lay a solid foundation to a successful career.  It will help you understand who your clients are going to be, how to create programs and services they will want to buy, how to write and run group and corporate programs, and how to write and use a business plan.  Every goal I set annually in my business plan I meet and more often exceed. I have a plan in hand at all times and know where I want to be before I even get there.  This course will help you do the exact same thing!  It is not an easy program and will require consistency and regular effort, as will your consulting practice will require once you graduate.  We are also offering regular mentoring sessions with each module and unlimited support throughout this process.  When you are finished you will have a unique business plan in hand outlining your future successes!

Alisa Herriman RNCP ROHP CPCC