Launch Your Wellness Business Effectively

The Business of Wellness Consulting Course has been designed to help the Wellness Practitioner be successful. As practitioners we finish our programs with a plethora of knowledge specific to our intended practices. This course is intended to fill the gap between knowing your stuff and applying it. Business skills are essential in order to find long term success.

When I achieved my Registration as a Nutritional Consultant, I already had a small clientele and following. I immediately opened my first office in a local spa. I was beyond excited and honestly felt like I was about the change the world! What I did not know was that building a lasting clientele, marketing, and running effective programs were tough business! It took me two years to build a steady clientele and 4 more to learn how to run a business. My aim is to help you reduce the amount of time it takes to become a business savvy wellness practitioner.

As of 2012 I have been in the wellness industry for 8 years now and have over 10 years’ experience in health care. I have government contracts with Ontario Works; have done Corporate Wellness for large employers like Casino Rama and Century 21. My workshops are so sought out that I now offer them on three College Campuses and I have a thriving consulting company where I help individuals, families and groups live healthier. I have been blessed with success and plan on continuing to grow that success for years to come.

“How do I do it?” Is the most common question I am asked and the answer is no secret, I always have a plan. I know my industry, my plans keep me ahead of the curve so to speak, and I get results. I aim to show you how to do just that throughout this course. As practitioners we are paid on our results, plain and simple. If you fail to keep your clients happy you will not have a business for long. Being specific within certain demographics is essential if you wish to have an effective marketing program.

You must also have enticing and results oriented “products” (programs and services). This the only way you will find long term success. The Business of Wellness Consulting is going to help you lay a solid foundation for a successful practice. Even if you are not looking to become self-employed this business training will increase your ability to be a successful practitioner even as an employee. Those who do the work in this course see a return! They increase their clienteles, they get increased results, and they have a plan for success. If your wish is for future success you must have a plan to get there. This is the beginning of your career plan, do the work and you will reap the rewards~! Excerpt taken from: “Business Education for the Wellness Practitioner” Course Text Alisa Herriman RNCP ROHP CPCC Alisa Herriman graduated from The Edison Institute of Nutrition in 2007. Since that time she has successfully grown her client base into a thriving Clinical Practice in Brechin, Ontario, Canada. Alisa is the Founder of Nutrinity Health Services, a Nutritional Practice which offers numerous health related services to both corporate & private clients.

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