Tower Gardens

We are so excited – recently introduced to Canada is an awesome concept in gardening, nutrition and self-sustainability!

Tower Garden | Learn to be a holistic Nutrition Expert and grow your own food tooWhat is it? The Tower Garden from Juice Plus is a revolutionary model called vertical gardening. This system is aeroponic and hydroponic which makes this concept in home growing easy, affordable and fun….even for the non-gardener! You actually don’t need any gardening experience to grow your own food with the Tower Garden.

This system can be assembled in about 25 minutes and comes complete with everything you need to get your garden started. It is small and compact enough to fit on a terrace, balcony, and porch or even in your home! Plant food is provided to nourish your plants as they grow and begin to produce health promoting fruits and vegetables. This food was developed by leading experts in Plant & Human Nutrition to grow all types of plants with a balanced pH, ionic minerals in an earth-based solution.

What can you grow in your Tower Garden? Each Tower Garden can grow up to 20 plants. You can include vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, lettuces & leafy greens, as well as herbs & spices. All this with no soil, no mess and no bugs!

Where can I get one? To find out more information about the incredible Tower Garden contact our office toll free 1.800.456.9313 or local calls (Toronto, Ontario) 905.294.5090

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  1. You can grow 20 different plants in the tower garden and you can purchase and extension to add more. Most people grow a variety of greens such as kale, Swiss chard, arugula,a variety of lettuce and many herbs such as basil, parsley, dill, tomatoes, cucumber and even squash. Anything that grows above ground can be grown in the tower garden.

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