15 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in Morning Empty Stomach

Lemon Water in Morning

Lemon is one of the most popular and versatile citrus fruit. Its popularity is owed to it’s refreshing flavor and scent making it a popular choice for flavoring many recipes and perfumes. Lemon is also widely used in all sorts of drinks from teas and cocktails to juices. Along with its obvious use as a flavor, lemon since long has also been used for its medicinal value. A rich source of vitamin C, lemon possess immense health benefits ranging from its antibacterial and antiviral properties to its immune boosting abilities. One of the most common ways to reap the health benefits of lemon is by juicing it. Lemon juice acts as a digestive and a detoxifying agent and helps in cleaning the liver leading to better digestive health.

Lemon juice is also an effective way to reduce weight as it increases the body’s metabolic rate. For people looking to use lemon for its weight loss abilities, drinking lemon juice with warm water on an empty stomach every morning can produce amazing results. Along with the weight loss benefits, drinking warm lemon water every morning also has numerous other benefits. The nutrition experts at Edison Institute of Nutrition have listed some of the most effective health benefits of drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning.

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

  1. As a rich source of vitamin C, lemon juice protects the body from Immune system deficiencies.
  2. Drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body.
  3. With its powerful antibacterial properties, lemon juice helps fight infections
  4. Acts as a detoxifying agent.
  5. Helps with maintaining digestive health.
  6. Along with vitamin C, lemons are also a rich source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium etc.
  7. Helps fight common cold
  8. Lemon water is also a popular remedy for many kinds of skin problems ranging from acne, rashes and wrinkles to dark spots.
  9. Lemon juice with warm water helps in quick weight loss as it promotes digestion and increases the metabolic rate.
  10. Lemon juice is also very effective at cleansing the liver as it promotes the liver to flush out toxins
  11. Lemon’s anti-inflammatory properties help in fighting respiratory tract infections, sore throat and inflammation of tonsils.
  12. Lemon juice with warm water helps keep the body hydrated as it provides electrolytes to the body.
  13. Drinking lemon juice with warm water also helps reduce joint and muscle pain.
  14. Lemon juice with warm water is also good for your dental health as it helps with toothache and prevents gingivitis.
  15. Lemon juice with warm water helps with digestion and hence, helps regulate natural bowel movement.

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  1. I had stop dinking lemon water while I was sick for a month, all my joint pain started back bad, so I started back drinking lemon juice again warm on empty stomach every morning, after a week I kid you not, my pain in my knees are gone!!!!

  2. That’s great! The lemon is very alkalizing and helps to get the acid waste out of the body plus it has lots of vitamin C which is very important for the joints. Some people are “Hypoascorbemia” meaning a low level of vitamin C in the body and need to add more either through food or in a supplement.

  3. Hi mam m 26 yrs i am facing pimples problem can u suggest me good remedy…if i drink lemon in de morn ing will it help to reduce the pimples….

  4. After drinking warm water and lemon juice on an empty stomach how soon after should I be able to eat

  5. Lemon water will help to remove acidity and toxins from the body but there will be other factors involved that would have to be addressed. I wouldn’t be able to make further recommendations without a consultation.

  6. The warm water will stimulate the digestion and liver. Cold water will shut it down so you would not get the same benefit.

  7. Hi,

    By consuming daily in empty stomach is there any acidity problem will come.

    Is it good for Fatty liver

  8. No, lemon is alkaline when it is in the body. Lemon will help to reduce the inflammation of a fatty liver and protect against free radical/oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation due to the vitamin C content.

  9. So educative and eye opener to this very multi consuming world. Any adherence to this discipline will produce sheath family hence a healthy nation is the I dear is well sold.warm lemon juice very vital to our body balance systems. Organs best medium playmaker in digestion and multi body functions.

  10. I love all the benefits mentioned above except for the weight loss part. How do I benefit from this drink without losing weight? Would it work the same way if I drink it anytime of the day and with meals?

  11. The lemon is not specifically for weight loss and should cause you to lose weight if you don’t need to.

  12. There may be other factors involved in belly fat such as insulin resistance or hormonal imbalance. Lemon water will certainly help to improve digestion and elimination but you cannot target specific areas of the body. You have to deal with the body as a whole and look at where the imbalances are and then correct that. One the imbalance is corrected the body will let go of stored fat from the appropriate areas such as the belly.

  13. Drinking lemon with warm water I get pain in my stomach is it cleaning the stomach or it’s having some bad reaction please reply what to do thks.

  14. I have angina which is the limited blood flow to the heart can taking lemon help me

  15. It is possible you may have some inflammation in the stomach. I would suggest you get checked for H Pylori bacteria as this may lead to ulceration which the lemon juice could irritate.

  16. The build up of plaque on the artery walls is part of the bodies repair mechanism to damage that has taken place there. Since lemon contains Vitamin C it would be beneficial to the healing process but not likely enough to clear the blockage. We do have many options available to support the body with cardiovascular issues. We can help you through a nutritional consultation.

  17. Hi, anytime I drink the lemon water, my stomach rambles for about 20 minutes. Please is this normal?

  18. Drinking lemon juice is increasing the acidity and digestive activity. It is possible you do not need the stimulation from lemon juice. Are you diluting the lemon juice with water?

  19. That would depend on many things. What else you are doing? Changing your diet, add exercise, check to see if there are any thyroid or hormonal issues.

  20. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to get started. This is such great information. I am forever amazed at how God has created an earth with everything we need to sustain ourselves and live healthy lives. We have just been so far removed from it all. Thank you again for helping me on my journey to a naturally healthy lifestyle.

  21. I am glad you are enjoying this information! Yes God has provided everything we need to sustain ourselves!!

  22. My tooth aches anything i take lemon in warm water for three continuous days and the feeling is so uncomfortable
    Please any remedy for that ?

  23. The lemon juice will help to make the environment in the body/intestines more alkaline. Parasites do not like an alkaline environs so this should help to move them out.

  24. Yes it is obviously true. I have lost my 5 kg in just two months. i used to drink lemon juice every morning before breakfast.

  25. I have gastric problem..Could you tell me if lemon juice is going to cure it. If yes, please recommend me when, how & how much should I consume it?

  26. When i take lemon juice with diluting water,after 30 minitis i feel pain at my right upper quadrant is that a big problem?

  27. How many lemons required each morning to make fresh juice I order to achieve the adove said benefits?

  28. I can not answer that as I don’t know what your gastric problem is, even if I did know I cannot say if it would resolve your problem.

  29. If you are getting pain I would suggest you do not drink the lemon water, get your liver and gallbladder checked, you could have gallstones.

  30. If I drink lemon and lime water together would that be good or bad. Also I do not know if i passed the comment but is drinking that water warm the only way to benefit from it and if so how warm?

  31. Drinking lemon water not only morning,in whole day if we drink 1 to 2 bottle of lemon water wil it help more??and in a month how many kg will I lose my weight

  32. Hi
    I have high triglycerides 680mg/dl
    Can lemon water in the morning in empty stomach help to reduce it

  33. I am taking homeopathy tablets for thyroid before breakfast. So, which should be given first preference.. tablets or lemon juice ??

  34. I normally mix lemon juice, warm water, chocolate and sugar. is it recommendable to use it that way or am supposed to use plain water. are there any benefits?

  35. I take lemon with warm water every morning while am doing my workouts. I grater my lemon including the skin. I only throw away the seeds .while drinking I take all the contents I don’t throw away anything. Is this dangerous to my body?

  36. I just started taking lemon juice. But when I take it, I feel some sensations in my teeth. Is it normal?

  37. I’m wondering if bottled lemon juice would work the same as fresh. If not, why?

  38. What do you mean by warm water ? mean we have to boil it to certain degree or simple water (Not Cold)

  39. True lemon has done wonderful to me. I was told that I had a lot of acid. So I tried lemon during 40days of fasting and it work. I use to feel pain on my stomach but now iam pain free. Thanx for the natural herb from God.

  40. Hi Marlene

    I have gastrointestinal disorder, I’m on antibiotics but the pain won’t stop. I have started to drink lemon water, is it a good thing? Or am I making the situation worse?

  41. This seems to be helpful… i need to loose weight, will it helps if i drink lemon water continuously the hole day.

  42. Hi, since lemon isn’t available in my place but I have a kaffir tree. I’ve been drinking warm kaffir juice on empty stomach every morning for almost a month. So far I feel good on it. Does kaffir fruit juice has the same effects and benefits as with lemon juice? Hope to read from you. Thank you.

  43. Good evening ma’am, please I used to have candidaisis infection but I use Virginia insert to solve the problem. the yellow discharge stop, after I have used the insert for 4days before my menstruations. after my menstruations, I started warm water lemon. I have taken it for 2days now, but I noticed some fluid dropping in my pant, but when I check it, I will noticed that the pant linen I put in my pant has been soaked with Brown discharge, sometimes it looks like dark blood. please ma’am, is this show normal, because I have started rejoicing that warm water lemon is curing my infection

  44. Hi, do your research well; Lemon is actually bad for our enamel thus to our dental health. Your dentist would confirm that

  45. My partner and I blend a whole bag of lemons in a nutra bullet skin pulp and seeds as well and we keep in a bottle in the fridge and make up a smaller bottle with added water and drink it every morning.. I absolutely love it but cold.. can we continue or have it hot and if so how much of this mixture to a coffee cup.. I was thinking a teaspoon maybe ?? What do u think?

  46. Will drinking juice of half a lemon with warm water have health benefits to kidneys, and if so, what ?

  47. evening is true that when you drink lemon water it flushes everything in your system including any prevention methods e.g injection & pills chances of getting pregnant are very high

  48. Lemon water really helped me to loose much weight and I have a clear face now. Acne had taken a toll on me buh after drinking lemon water my face really improved plus I go for number 2 twice a day, had difficulty going to the loo a times.lemon after has been my miracle water so far haha!
    What I actually do I cut the lemon into pieces and put then in water about 1l and a half or 2 litles and whenever I have the urge to drink water that’s the water I’ll drink the whole day, its sweet, cold and addictive. Or a times I’ll sip like tea while using my phone. By 6 in the evening my water is over.

  49. Hi All,

    I began taking a medium glass of warm lemon juice in the mornings about 6 months ago. At the time I wanted to detox my body and make my ph balance alkaline. I heard that cancer and other diseases can not live in an alkaline environment… Anyway, I have lost 45lbs and my health is feeling pretty good! Only thing is I think I may be getting the odd boil from the toxins leaving my body. That may be cuz I smoke though…

  50. Hi! I would like to know if l can use bottled lemon juice. Or does the juice lose all its properties after being packed? Thank you

  51. hello….. can lemon juice reduce the rick of uric acid and diabetes 2 please reply me and need to know how i use the lemon juice

  52. After talking the lemon juice with warm water I’ve been feeling some itching in my throat,is it normal?Again can a someone who has gone through surgery take the lemon juice?

  53. Apart from taking lemon with warm water it is always good to flush out toxins in our bodies before we even eat breakfast, warm water have proven to be beneficial to me with lemon its magic, considering the food we consume these days, in particilar fats, suger, spices and salt…..thanks Marlene for the advices and answers you provide you are such a Blessing!

  54. Hi, IBS- chronic constipation sufferer for the last 6 years. When you cant have a descent movement for up to 8 days without the aide of medication to help with it, it is very difficult for weight loss. I am overweight by 55 pounds. MY question is, should I drink the warm lemon water several times a day to start out with to get things regulated?

  55. I have been drinking lemon water for quite some time. On and off but last 3 months every day. It definitely gets the bowels eliminating in the morning. If you let it happen as its just elimination. Its what the body wants to do. A great health benefit we can do for our body that doesn’t have to cost much. I’m lucky my neighbour has large juicy ones.

  56. Is it okay to drink lemon water 4x a day?Cause I am thinking that I will drink lemon water every 4 hours.

  57. Hello…I’m using this method from one and half month..now I got cold n arising nose flowing…what us the reason?? Pls tell

  58. I have been searching online for correct methods of making lemon water. This is the method I have been making as follows:
    *Grate peel off 2 lemons
    *Squeeze 2 lemons
    *Get a pan with 1 Ltr of water
    *Cut up remaining lemons
    *Add all the above to the pan (Rind, juice & sliced lemon)
    *Bring to boil contents then let contents cool down.
    *Steep contents into a jug and store in fridge.
    *When ready to consume, pour into a glass but allow lemon water to get to room temperature before consuming.

    I have also read to drink via a straw as the lemon water can have a bad effect on the teeth.

    Can you tell me if the above sounds ok? I don’t drink it cold but room temperature but I make a batch that lasts 4 days.

  59. Can I also ask what size glass should we be drinking or portion daily? At the moment I drink from a 200ml glass as I found a 300ml glass too much

  60. I started drinking the lemon and warm water! It has truly detoxes me. I have been drinking it all day as well. But I think it’s starting to give me a diarrhea! Am I taking too much! I have to saw I feel a lot better when I take it! I m trying to lose the belly fat and exercise as well – when would I start to see any kind of weight loss???

  61. My mother has gallstones problem but no pain. Can drinking lemon juice with warm water reduce the stones?

  62. Hi, if I add some sugar and salt in it will it be beneficial, with slightly cold water?

    Is it helpful for removing kidney stone?

  63. I want to reduce my body weight. If lemon juice prepare with a sugar. It’s good for health or not.

  64. I have been drinking warm lemon water every morning and it has helped me to lose 12 pounds in 2 months. I also work out and eat right. FYI I do add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to it.

  65. I started taking lemon juice with cold water, ginger, aloe Vera, and honey three weeks ago. I’ve lost 15 lbs without doing anything else. I’m going to switch to warm water.

  66. Pls Marlene, I will like to ask if someone who observe fasting till 6pm in the evening can take warm lemon on empty stomach.

  67. I drink 2 litre of warm water and lemon juice every day. it helps me with digestion and losing weight

  68. I have frozen the juice from fresh organic lemons in ice cube trays, and then pop one in my warm water, wait til it melts and drink it this way. I did this because it’s way more convenient, and I’m not wasting any lemons when they go bad. Do you think I’m getting the same benefits?

  69. In India, lemon is used for centuries as a refreshing drink(yes our ancestors knew this is good they just don’t had modern methodology, machines, electronics, ..internet…, ICBM missiles, nukes, Hydrogen Bomb…)
    …sadly now Pepsi and Coca cola advertisement made them feel more cooler while drinking the so called soft drinks having following features:
    artificially flavored(yes chemicals which are NOT YET proven/found as hazardous!!),
    pesticides mixed(what you never noticed this??)
    Sorry no offense Pepsi and Coca Cola… its pure business… isn’t it… but that never appeared to me whenever I encountered with your ads….

  70. Hey Merlene, this is such a good writing that I think will help me reduce wait again. I have become so fat as my friends have been advising me to take lemon but the fact that I have read this article, am well convinced that it will work for me along side daily work outs.

  71. I’m diabetic, just started taking warm water with 2 slices of lime squeeze in a cup of hot water along with activated charcoal {Swanson}. On the 5th day I vomited. What could be the cause? Thanks for a speedy reply

  72. Marlene
    I have both lemons and limes in the garden and I juice them and pour the juice into icecube trays and freeze them. I store them in containers in the freezer and always have juice available. I love my juice with ‘no sugar’ Soda Water.

  73. I’ve battled acid reflux for several years… from what I’m reading here… the alkaline in the lemons 🍋 should help me with balancing the acid naturally? Has this warm lemon water helped anyone u know with acid reflux ? TY

  74. I started drinking lemon juice with warm water twice a day and also doing exercise (from last 3 days). Will it help to loose fat (weight). Suggest Me more in this please ma’am..

  75. All so cancerous cells can only survive in a acidic body it is impossible for cancerous cells to live in a acidic body so it’s a good way of keeping your body alkaline this is what the government don’t want you to know .think about it 115 years the cancer resurch charity has been running and not 1 breakthrough in resurch .fact is it’s pharmaceuticals that make money and customers not cures yet in other country’s they are using natural remedies like alkaline diets ,cannabis oils and it’s working

  76. Thank you for the information.
    I don’t squeeze the lemon.. I boil waer with the lemon + the peelings. Is there any harm?

  77. Lemon juice with warm water is very good, I have been taking it for more than 6months ago, I noticed some changes in my body system,my blood test was great, I recommend it for people.

  78. I would only drink the lemon water in the morning and once more in the evening but not all day. That could have a negative effect on your teeth.

  79. Antibiotics can upset the gastrointestinal track. I would consider taking Probiotics. The lemon water could irritate if there is inflammation present.

  80. No you don’t have to boil it to a high temperature. It is more pleasant to drink warm not cold.

  81. If it is pure fresh squeezed lemon it would work but usually bottled juice contains added sugar and preservatives so it would not be the same as fresh squeezed.

  82. I would not suggest store bought lemon juice. If you were to fresh squeeze it and keep it in the fridge be sure to drink it within the same day.

  83. I would suggest using a straw to drink the lemon water. Your teeth may be low on minerals so very sensitive.

  84. No, the peel is good for you as well. Just make sure they are organic so you are not getting pesticides from the skin.

  85. The homeopathic remedy will absorb in the mouth. I would wait at least 15 minutes before drinking the lemon juice so that it doesn’t negatively affect the remedy.

  86. Lemon juice has many beneficial effects and I am sure it will help as it will encourage the liver function and change the environment of the intestines to help break down your fats.

  87. I would not drink that much in one day. Just one half a lemon in one cup of water twice per day is enough.

  88. Yes you could mix lemon and lime. You could drink it cold or room temperature if you prefer.

  89. You would not get the above results by adding it to your smoothie but it would be a good flavor.

  90. I would continue what you are doing. I think 1 teaspoon would be enough in a mug with water.

  91. I would suggest just the lemon, do not add honey as this will stimulate an insulin response.

  92. Yes, but just pay attention to see if it bothers the baby or not. Some food and drink that the mother has can affect the breast milk and the baby may get upset digestion.

  93. Lemon water stimulates your digestion, liver and function and creates a more alkaline environment it the small intestine. Your enzymes need an alkaline environment to work properly. When you digest your food properly you will get the nutrients you need and then your body will lose the extra weight.

  94. No just have the lemon, do not add sugar and salt or tequila. Yes fresh lemon is excellent for calcium kidney stones

  95. It sounds like you are drinking to much lemon water. Just one to two cups per day. If you are exercising then you should see some weight loss very quickly.

  96. As long as it doesn’t go bad within the four days. Drinking through a straw helps protect the teeth. Lemon is acidic outside of the body but turns alkaline inside the body.

  97. I would suggest starting with one drink in the morning for at least a week and see if that helps you. Several times per day is too much.

  98. If your throat is itchy it can be a sign of an allergic or intolerant reaction. Did this only happen after starting the lemon juice?
    Sometimes people react to the pesticides if the fruit is not organic. Yes, lemon would be helpful after surgery to clear out the anesthetic.

  99. Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. The citric acid and vitamin c are considered good for naturally dissolving gallstones and also helps in flushing them out and clearing the ducts to release bile. Lemon Juice has been in use for centuries to treat kidney stones and gallstones. Lemon also has antimicrobial properties that help to reduce infections in the gallbladder and reduce the pain. Pectin in lemon juice reduces bloating nausea and pain. Lemon juice reduces cholesterol formation in liver.

  100. yes it will help as it improves liver, kidney and digestive function. Squeeze half a fresh lemon into 8 ounces of water, drink 1 cup first thing in the morning empty stomach and one later in the day.

  101. You are doing such good things for your body! Now it is time to quite smoking. Can you imagine how much more energy you will have and how much better you will feel. And you won’t stink of smoke or have lung issues.

  102. I don’t think it would have an effect on pregnancy prevention but if it did you would be healthier to have a baby.

  103. Until you have reached your goal, then you could reduce it to several times per week if you don’t want to drink it every day.

  104. yes lemon have lots of vitamin c which is beneficial for the arteries and repairing damage.

  105. Yes many people have reduced weigh by drinking lemon water and exercising. There will be many other benefits as well. You can do it!

  106. Now we have a healthy option with many advantages. It is always your choice as to what you put in your body so choose wisely.

  107. I would suggest putting a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water and drinking that 15 minutes before your meals instead of adding to the lemon juice. This will help your digestion and improve you own HCI production.

  108. You would get more out of the lemon by squeezing it rather than boiling and if it is not organic there will be pesticides in it.

  109. I’m shocked at my results
    Three months ago I started cutting a lemon into big slices. In the morning I would pour boiling water over half the slices and drink it when it was cool. At dinnertime I would again pour boiling water over the segments skin pith and all and again drink. The other half would be used for an afternoon drink and one on a night. I stopped drinking coffee and very occasional have tea. I now eat very little meal. I live on tinned fish it’s fresher with rice pasta etc. I have suffered from arthritis and high heart pressure

    Here are the results

    I now take no pills what so ever

    Before swollen hands ankles elbows and lots of lovely pain and restrictive movement

    Heart 178/110. 80

    Now my hands and joints are pain free I can think better and I can now ride my bike again I’m 66 years old now going to change my life style and 21 stone. I look forward to a new day without pain

    But the best part heart 138/80..71

    Does life get any better.

  110. I’m shocked at my results
    Three months ago I started cutting a lemon into big slices. In the morning I would pour boiling water over half the slices and drink it when it was cool. At dinnertime I would again pour boiling water over the segments skin pith and all and again drink. The other half would be used for an afternoon drink and one on a night. I stopped drinking coffee and very occasional have tea. I now eat very little meat. I live on tinned fish it’s fresher with rice pasta etc. I have suffered from arthritis and high heart pressure

    Here are the results

    I now take no pills what so ever

    Before swollen hands ankles elbows and lots of lovely pain and restrictive movement

    Heart 178/110. 80

    Now my hands and joints are pain free I can think better and I can now ride my bike again I’m 66 years old now going to change my life style and 21 stone. I look forward to a new day without pain

    But the best part heart 138/80..71

    Does life get any better.

  111. If you have gastritis, is it medically advisable to take lemon water on an empty stomach each morning ?

  112. Hi, will having lemon juice in hot (not warm) water on empty stomach in mornings have the same benefits as having warm water? Or will it have any adverse effects instead? My friend says having lemon juice with hot water helps fight cancer cells. Although effect of Vit C is lost in hot water, there are other anti-cancer ingredients that work in ‘lemon juice with hot water’ combination. Is this correct?

  113. I am using lemon with hot water since 5 years and I am active and no cold , throat infection and weight of the body is normal and with this I use raw garlic without break.This is the best way to live normal life.

  114. I have erosive gastritis. I get gas hitting my chest after meals due to which I often feel breathless. I on daily routine drink normal water and at times I take Rabiprazole early morning empty stomach. Can i also take lemon water empty stomach when taking the medicine? And is lemon helpful in erosive gastritis.

  115. Can you tell me best way to prepare the warm lemon drink. Do you use a whole lemon, half lemon with how much water? 12 fl oz, 8 fl oz,.. etc…? Thanks

  116. HI
    I have been taking apple cider in the morning on an empty stomach for the last 3 days. I have gastric reflux and reactive arthritis of the knees.
    Should I change to the lemon juice

  117. Lemon juice with Warm water . Drink in morning empty stomach. …
    This is harm ful for man or good ?

  118. I use to prepare my coffee with sugar then I squeeze my lemon in it,can it still help me to reduce body weight?

  119. It can, as lemon contains vitamin c which is very beneficial for kidneys and if there are kidney stones it can help to eliminate them.

  120. It would be best to not drink coffee as it puts the body into a stress response. This stress response will make it difficult to lose weight.
    Just drink water with lemon and forget the coffee.

  121. Both can be helpful. Drink lemon and water first thing in the morning. Have 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water a few minutes before each meal to improve digestion.

  122. You would have to try it and see if you are OK with it. In cases of ulceration it could be painful, then don’t drink it. On the other hand ulceration is often caused by H Pylori bacteria so the lemon water my help to eliminate the bacteria.

  123. Drink lemon and water first thing in the morning. Have 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water a few minutes before each meal to improve digestion.

  124. Rabeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor that suppresses gastric acid production in the stomach. I would not take lemon water at the same time as the medication. I would try the lemon water a few minutes before eating lunch or dinner and see how that feels and if it helps your digestion.

  125. I would put about 1/3 cup of cool water and the rest hot water then add the lemon to reduce any negative effect on nutrient content.

  126. Drink lemon and water first thing in the morning. Have 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 4 ounces of water a few minutes before each meal to improve digestion. This will help with weight loss.


  128. I am growing fat and my belly is getting bigger I want to lose weight if I take lemon water every morning would that be okay for me?

  129. my mum has diabetes which has affected her sight and also a diabetic foot.Please will the lem on remedy cure it. We have spent a lot and she’s under going medication and treatment. There is a wound on her right foot.

  130. Thanks so much Marlene for this great work you are doing.
    Please can I take lemon water trying to conceive?

  131. This is so educative,,have been taking warm lemon water every morning and surely am doing great in terms of my weight loss

  132. Can I use bottled water mixed with freshly squeezed lemon or do I need to warm it up, This is a non refrigerated bottle water.

  133. I take thyroid medicine first thing in the morning, should I take my medicine before or after drinking lemon water?

  134. Hi Marlene,
    I have GERD. Is it still okay to do the warm lemon water twice daily or would that make the GERD worse?


  135. Please I want to start drinking the warm water with lemon and also stomach exercise every morning before going to work. Will it help burn the my fat belly and course me to loose weight as well? Please reply on it. Thanks

  136. It is hard to say until you try it. I may improve your digestion but if there is inflammation it could be painful.

  137. Lemon water alone will not cure her diabetes or wound. She will need to address her diet, digestion, insulin levels and eliminate sugar.

  138. Thank you for all this useful info! I’m going to start drinking warm lemon water every morning. Sorry if it’s been asked before but what Is the mixture quantity ? How much freshly squeezed lemon and how much water. Thank you x

  139. Wow! Thanks so much for that. I used to take lemon but I never knew it has these benefits for our health. Thanks!

  140. Hi, I’m told lemon juice will help gout in my toe, where my body is making to much uric acid which in turn causes the crystals which cause the pain, Is this correct. S.

  141. i took lemon water for 10 days…….after 2 days i was getting the problem from continuous urine…. pls suggest

  142. My husband had his gallbladder removed over a year ago and has had problems with his digestion ever since – like stomach cramps and loose stools. Is the lemon juice with warm water something he should do daily?

  143. The lemon is not specifically for weight loss and should not cause you to lose weight if you don’t need to.

  144. Yes, this is typical after gallbladder removal as a major organ involved in digestion is now gone. The lemon water could certainly help with this. It would also be important to take a digestive enzyme that contains HCI, Bile and pancreatic enzymes with each meal.

  145. It may be cleaning up your urinary tract or it my not be right for you. Stop drinking it for a week and see if the urination decreases. Then try drinking one glass per day and see what happens.

  146. Yes, it can be helpful. Also you need to make some changes in your diet and remove all high purine foods.

  147. You are welcome! Half a fresh squeezed lemon with 8 ounces of water. The water can be hot, room temperature or cold.

  148. Hi, I was just wondering what difference would there be between having a lime in warm water in the morning and night compared to having a lemon in warm water in the morning and night? Thanks ….Asking while I’m enjoying a hot/warm cup of lemon water before bed.

  149. Hi! I have noticed the signs of jaundice in my eyes and skin and i guess its due to the medicine I am taking. I couldnt stop that meds because thats the only medicine i need. Does warm lemon will help to reduce or get rid the sign of jaundice? thanks

  150. Gm! Just would like t n how much of warm lemon water do u drink in da morning and how often can u drink it in 1day.

  151. Do you get better benefits for the lemon juice if you drink it straight or do you need the warm water?

  152. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, it is very helpful for me. I will continue using this remedy. God Bless you!

  153. My age 60 now I walk more drink lemon with warm water every morning. I feel good
    But some times I feel throat got dried
    Please suggest. I like forum member to reply my query

  154. What is the ratio of water to lemons? Also how long will keep if making in a 1 gallon container? Thank You.

  155. Hi I started drinking fresh home made lemonade about 2-3 weeks ago and notice has help me use the bathroom more often as I suffer from constipation. I can feel the difference, my belly fat has shrink, my waist looks smaller, I make myself fresh cold lemonade and store it in the fridge and add substitute sugar like Splenda I been drinking It around 3 times a week is doing that bad?

  156. I came to know of this from a site named Kolkata Canvas. last 10 days we are drinking warm lemon water in the morning empty stomach and do not eat anything for about 2 hrs before breakfast. Getting very good result of reducing lower abdomen and overall better feeling. My wife has also reduced her lower abdomen and my son whole abdomen and feeling light weight. My acidity has reduced. I shared it with my daughter in Australia who sent me this link. Excellent !!

  157. Is it ok to drink lemon water throughout the day too? Or should I only drink it first thing in the morning?

  158. Hi, I agree that lemon has alkalizing property which removes acid waste from the body. On the other side it also removes the uric acid from the bones joints which causes joint pain. I have experienced personally before knowing all these facts i used to have hot water with lemon, i ended up with kidney stones and severe joint pains. Please clarify me if i understood correctly

  159. Going to try this out as what you say should help me in a lot of ways. Can I mix the organic cider with my warm lemon water or take them separately. It has helped me with lowering my blood pressure.

  160. I would take the lemon water first in the morning and take 1 tsp of apple cider in 4 ounces of water before each meal. This will help your digestion.

  161. There must be something else going on unless you are intolerant to lemon. Lemon would not cause kidney stones.

  162. You would not get the same effect by adding it to tea. Yes, you can drink the lemon water once per day.

  163. half of a fresh squeezed lemon and 8 ounces of water. I would suggest making it fresh everyday as you will lose nutrients by making ahead of time.

  164. If they are stomach ulcer it could be painful, if ulcers in other areas there should not be a problem, in fact it will help clear acids from the body.

  165. Elevated cholesterol is a sign of inflammation in the body. Lemon water helps to improve the environment in the body so it can have a positive effect on cholesterol.

  166. I suggest half a fresh squeezed lemon in 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning or later in the evening but just once per day.

  167. Lemon water provides more support for the kidneys but it wouldn’t hurt for you to drink it once per day. You need to have some liver support, if it is from the medicine it is damaging your liver.

  168. My partner suffers badly from gout and arthritis. Will this potion help with relief and controlling his attacts aswell? I’ve been taking a cup for a very long time and can vouch it works for a number of issues, but your input on gout will be appreciated

  169. Hello

    As soon as i wake up i drink a litre of water. I want to start the lemon + hot water also. Should I continue the 1 litre & drink the lemon water after that or should i do it other way around

  170. Hell
    Today is special you I have A disorder
    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    I was Drinking Lemon Juice water every morning not warm but just by adding lemon juice. To an 8 ounce bottle of water. Every morning after reading al these people. I am going to start drinking the lemon water warm
    Please help if there are other ways to help with this disoder. For pain everything about me . lets talk
    This is my first time trying yo handle this issue with out meds ..
    Thank You
    Ms Sadaqah Rashid

  171. I’ve been drinking Lemon Water for 15 years.
    This week I had bariatric sleeve surgery and the surgeon told me I had a small, healthy liver, and thanked me.
    I had been a heavy alcohol drinker till the operation.
    Lemon water works.

  172. Hi, thanks for good info. I just began lemon water. Bought some lemon juice but later researched and found it is high in sodium. However, I mix it with water thus cutting down the 550mg per cup on the label. May move to squeeze own lemons. Question: I also learned that chicken bone broth is good. Wondering how soon after lemon water I should take the bone broth? thanks

  173. I completely agree with cleansing the digestive system. I visit my daughter every other month and she always starts her morning with a cup of lemon juice (with 1/2 cup of orange for flavoring). I do it also and by the second day I have the best bowel movement. Never knew I could.

  174. You must use fresh squeeze lemons. I would suggest lemon juice in the morning and chicken/ bone broth in the evening. In order to make bone broth whether from chicken, fish or beef you need to gently simmer the bones for at least 12 hours, do not use store bought/package. A crock pot is great for doing this as you can leave it on low over night.

  175. You might find the warm water and lemon better than cold water. I may be able to help you with your CRPS, I do have a consulting practice either in person or by phone/Skype. We could set up a consultation appointment for that.

  176. Lemon may help by reducing acidity in the body. Often still muscles are from too much acid. You could also try some magnesium to relax the muscles.

  177. Yes, you can drink it in the evening instead of the morning. In the morning it helps to wake the body up and get things moving.

  178. Hi ,

    Im not a fan of water, drinking it without any flavoring tastes sooo bad and i am aware that i am not getting any healthier because of this. When i saw my friend drinking this and talking about the benefits, I immediately made myself a lemon water but i have not tried drinking it with warm water. Im getting fatter and fatter now. Do you recommend me drinking it in warm water?

  179. Yes, drink it with warm water. You will also want to change your eating habits and get your thyroid checked.

  180. I have kidney stones made from calcium but my weight is 100kg now… i want yo reduce it… should i use lemon water as it also has calcium

  181. My gums bleeds many years using all sort of medication they didn’t help i have 3months drinking warm water and lemon first thing in the morning .its stops now l can smile,i brush my teeth without bleeding.Then i have a thyroids now is controllable.

  182. I apologize if I missed it, but what are the parts for the lemon water? For example, 1/2 lemon to 1 cup of water?

  183. Im slim as in like skinny, can i drink warm lemon water on empty stomach without loosing weight? And how can i achieve that? I actually want to gain weight

  184. I have just started this, does it need to be a large cup or is it okay with just a glass. As I find the sour taste abit over to harsh lol.

  185. I’ve also read about the benefits of turmeric and black pepper. What about mixing lemon juice, 1 tsp turmeric and 1/4 tsp black pepper in 12 oz of warm water to start the day?

  186. Hello Marlene!

    Great information and something my husband and I are looking into starting. I’m wondering how much lemon juice we should add to our warm water in the morning and how much water should be mixed with it as well? What is the ratio of lemon juice to warm water?

  187. Hi
    My son takes seizure meds but has digestive problems. Will giving him lemon juice remove the med/detoxify to the point it lowers the drug level in the bloood / reduce seizure threshold and lead a seizure?

  188. If you have a stomach ulcer you can try the drinking lemon water but it is possible that it will irritate the ulcer and could be painful. If it is take some warm water and baking soda. Heal the ulcer first before trying lemon water again.

  189. Hello Marlene
    I am drinking lemon water from three months
    Due to that my tooth enamel was dissolved and I have cavities
    Can u suggest me how to drink lemon water without affecting my teeth

  190. I started drinking the lemon juice with warm water but about a week later I started getting tired of the sour taste so I now make a warm tea (green, white, floral, chamomile, whatever I have) and add a little stevia to it along with the juice of half a lemon in it and I love it but wondering if I am now doing it wrong? Or messing up the effects of plain lemon and water.

  191. I don’t want to loose weight but I would like to achieve the other results while taking the lemon water.
    Is it possible to drink it everyday without losing weight??

  192. I have been using lemon juice with warm water for a cold and getting really good results. Is it also useful for recurring yeast infections?

  193. Great article – What is the ratio…1 lemon to an 8oz glass of water or 1/2 lemon to 8oz or otherwise?

    Thank you

  194. How much of a lemon should I squeeze in to a cup of hot water every morning?

    The whole thing? half? Does lemon juice from a plastic bottle work just as well?


  195. my dad is 68 and had continuous hiccups for five years now. you mentioned something about electrolytes, will this lemon and hot water remedy help to improve his condition?

  196. It will help to change the environment if the body but you also need a specific diet and anti-fungal formulas.

  197. I’ve read most of the comments. I squeeze 1/2 lemon in room temperature water sometime in the morning. Is room temperature water sufficient for benefits? (I was confused by some of the answers from Marlene. You said that if the water wasn’t warm, it might not help.

  198. Is lemonade useful for cardiovascular patients?? What I heard is that lemonade will break or burst the veins of the body. Is that true??

  199. My father passed two kidney stones 15 + years ago and I have been terrified of getting one ever since. The insane pain he suffered was enough to research the effects of lemon juice on these stones. There is factual evidence that lemon juice will dissolve Kidney Stones. I have been a big proponent of this morning ritual and have yet to have one.


  201. I drink cool lemon honey distilled water everyday all day 4 times a week. Its awesome. I feel clean inside, and I notice if something is not right when i feel down or not so energetic.

  202. I have 2 questions; Why does the water have to be warm? Also, I have a daughter that has to take antacid medicine. Would she benefit from drinking the warm lemon water?

  203. Hi, I just started drinking 1 cup warm water with lemon and it has started to help with my constipation and IBS. I drink. Coffee after 1st cup. Wondering if 1 cup w lemon water is enough?

  204. After your morning of warm Lemon water and all your other foods you have been eating all day can you have lemon cumber and mint water at bed time

  205. Just curious as to why you don’t mention the benefits of lemon juice in battling kidney stones. My doctor recommended this after 2 severe attacks. I have been drinking lemon juice for the last 15 years with no kidney stone recurrence.
    Also why do you recommend drinking it warm? Does being chilled diminish its effectiveness?

  206. Hi Marlene, Will boiling the water first and adding the fresh squeezed lemon destroy any of the nutrients because the water is boiled? Tks

  207. I noticed slight vaginal bleeding after drinking lemon water, why is this happening? Can somebody enlighten me? 🙁

  208. Since the 28th of January, I have been drinking the warm water, a dash of apple cider vinegar,1/2 fresh squeeze lemon juice and honey and it is delicious. I have experience less inflammation and better elimination. I have changed my eating habits. I feel so good. I am glad I started. I will continue.

  209. I don’t understand why the lemon juice needs to be warm. Doesn’t the stomach make the temperature equal to that of the body once it’s been there for a few seconds (as long as your not chugging it down)?

    Also, why fresh squeezed? Organic lemon juice that isn’t pasteurized isn’t any different, is it? Perhaps it has a tiny difference because it’s freshly squeezed but considering the cost (60 cents each for organic) and inconvenience of using whole lemons makes the alternative much more appealing, to me.

    I drink lemon juice all day, every day along with my psyllium husk capsules I take every three hours. Trying to find time at work to squeeze lemons isn’t practical.

  210. A really good article…just one question what would be the good time in the morning to consume it for best results..I wake up at 4am btw.
    Thank you

  211. It is all amazing about lemon and the benefits.

    My skin colour is inconsistent, sometimes am light at times am dark. Can lemons help me because am originally chocolate brown.

  212. I am regular smoker.. But rarely I drink.. Does warm water with lemon will help me out to clean my respiratory system.

  213. I’ve been using room temperature water with a half of lemon. Does the water need to be warmer then that?

  214. If it is not fresh squeezed then it will contain some form of preservatives even and especially if organic. The water doesn’t have to be warm, it is just what your prefer. I would not suggest drinking lemon water all day long, morning or morning an evening is sufficient. Psyllium is best before bed or first thing in the morning half an hour before food. I do find psyllium is better with warm water.

  215. The uterus is used as a means of elimination so it could be that some toxins are being released or your hormones are waking up a little or a shift is taking place.

  216. I would put about 1/3 cup of cool water, then add boiled water and then the lemon. There will be less destruction of the Vitamin C.

  217. I did talk about the benefits of lemon juice for kidney issues in a couple of previous comments. You can drink it with cool or cold water, no change effectiveness just preference.

  218. The water does not have to be warm it is your choice, cold is also fine. If she does not have a stomach ulcer then the lemon water would help her digestion.

  219. Joint pains are related to poor digestion and allergic reactions to foods. Lemon water will help her digestion and elimination.

  220. It makes it sweeter but it can also effect blood sugar levels and trigger an insulin response which is not good.

  221. The lemon water will help improve your digestion so you will get more nutrients from your foods and be able to put on some weight.

  222. This is really interesting of what Lemon can do healthwise in the body. And I also learnt a lot from the comments.

  223. Thank U, I did not know that lemons had so many benefits to the body and digestive system. I recently started drinking fresh squeezed lemons in water to increase my H2O consumption.

  224. The alternative is sipping on a cup of flavoured herbal infusion tea consisting of mint and lemon. An excellent beverage and the health benefits are outstanding.

  225. Extremely informative. Thank you. **Worthwhile to read through completely prior to asking questions. Would avoid author having to answer duplicate questions repeatedly.

  226. I didn’t know that lemon water has so many benefits. I have started drinking it in the morning and hope to see many results in the near future.

  227. I’m so happy I found this information! I was looking for a hot morning beverage to replace coffee as my first drink of the morning. I’m 55 and have always struggled with irregularity. My best solution has been to ensure I drink plenty of water (still do). But I started drinking hot lemon water (I call it lemon tea) every morning and I have BMs every day, I’ve never had that! And then all of a sudden I realized I’m not having the body pain I’ve been having as a 8hour a day desk worker, (Hatha yoga stretching, helps but I’m not consistent) I’m consistent and I enjoy starting my day with lemon tea and the benefits are life altering! It’s only been about 3weeks but it’s my new way of life! I expect it will only get better and better!

  228. After seeing this article ,from last week I have started this and I drink lemon water (warm ) at mor 4:30 and now my knee pain completely vanished
    Thank for such article..

  229. A friend of mine who runs an Ayurvedic practice recommended to me years ago to have 1-2 pints of warm water first thing each morning, and for the last several years I have been squeezing half a lemon into this. It’s a great to start to the day. Reading the various benefits that you listed rings pretty true in my experience!

  230. The last few times my 2 kids have brought home the various “plagues”, i began squeezing half a lemon into water, morning and night. My goodness, the most sick i became each time is a small tickle in the throat, and maybe a day of minor sniffles. Amazing the healing properties of a little fruit!

  231. Can you use the bottled lemon juice that is in the produce aisle it doesn’t seem to have added sugar. And the plastic squeeze lemons and limes.

  232. Thanks for the information. I have started with warm lemon water this week and I hope to get a positive result soon. I want to loose weight. what else can I do aside the lemon water to help me reduce weight as I understand lemon alone cannot do the trick. Thanks.

  233. If I have lemon water in the morning it’s too acidic, I have an upset stomach all day. How about drinking after lunch? Does the water need to be warm?

  234. Hi Marlene, I am 64 and for years, I’ve used cold water, lemon juice, cayenne & maple syrup as a 2-5 day fast, whenever I start feeling sluggish to clean out my system, usually a couple times a year. I always feel clean and terrific afterwards. Also, I always lose about 10 pounds, but I just thought it was because I wasn’t eating solid foods. Now, after reading this article and all the comments, I am going to start drinking warm water and lemon on an empty stomach without the maple syrup and cayenne. Instead I’ll add green tea and Turmeric to help with my swollen joints. I have heard that key limes are better for you than lemons any truth to that? Thanks Marlene!!!

  235. I started taking lemon water in the morning on empty stomach, but not with warm water( just with room temperature water), these were the effects I faced
    1) Ulcer in my throat
    2) Sun burn on my chest and back on my shoulder
    And all these happened within 5days of consuming lemon water and now stopped taking it.
    What would be the reason for this???

  236. Thank you for all the information. Will be starting my lemon drink tomorrow morning.

  237. Hello

    I have a big stomach it looks like am pregnant but am not and it’s had when pressing , and it’s had fro me to go to toilet most of the time i always loose my appetite so my friends said I must drink lemon water every day in the morning is it gonna help me ?

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