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The Edison Institute of Nutrition (EIN) was established in 1996. EIN is a Canadian school providing in-depth training in Orthomolecular Holistic Nutrition by distance learning. Students across Canada, the USA, and 88 countries around the world have enjoyed the benefits of EINís comprehensive introductory, career, and mentorship programs. EINís practitioner program qualifies graduates for recognition, registration and the designations offered by several Nutrition Associations...[LEARN MORE]


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The Function of Multi Strain Probiotics in the Human Body

Probiotics are well known for their presence in our small and large intestine, but there are actually human microbiota in our oral cavity, respiratory tract, genito-urinary tract and skin too!  There are 100,000 billion microbes in the intestine...Read more

Holidays Gift Ideas

With the holiday season getting nearer, you may want to consider making some natural personal care products to give as gifts.  You can buy small jars from craft stores for your home-made creations.   Cinnamon Scrub   This g...Read more

Why treat with alkalic mixtures?

  Our intestines do the vast majority of the digestive process. Use of HCl without a buffering agent (bile) weakens the activity of the intestines, as the digestive juices in the stomach require an alkaline environment to fully work. In t...Read more

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Meet the faculty and see their years of experience. You'll be happy to know that Edison Institute has some of the best professionals in the nutrition industry.

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C Luzzi, ON
I will be writing my final exam tomorrow, the finish line to a very rewarding and fascinating journey. I just wanted to thank all of you for providing the opportunity to learn so much about a subject I have always been passionate about. Edisonís extremely in-depth program has left me with the...

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