What is a nutritional consultant?
A nutritional consultant advises people on how to improve health by recommending what their bodies actually need. Since each of us is unique biochemically, what works for one person may be of little benefit to another. Very few bodies conform to norms, averages, or standardized "one-size-fits-all" approaches. The truly successful practitioner must have training that combines scientific principles with practical skills of individual assessment. Upon completion of the Practitioner Program, you will earn the designation DHN - Diploma in Holistic Nutrition which qualifies for the designation NNCP, RNT, RNCP and ROHP through the recognized associations.

How long does the program take to complete?

Please see the time schedule under Our Programs. The maximun time allowed for each program is as follows: Introductory Program - 1 year and the Practitioner Diploma Program is a maximun of 3 years although it may be completed within 1 year.  

Do I have to take the Introductory Program prior to enrolling the Practitioner Program?
No. The Introductory Program is offered to individuals who are seeking the fundamentals of nutrition for their own health and that of their families. If after completing the Introductory Program you decide to enroll in the Practitioner Program, you will be exempt from the subjects you have already completed.
Can I complete the program sooner?
Yes. Some students are able to complete the program sooner than the allotted time allows. Because you work at your own pace, it will depend on how fast you read and absorb the material.
What if I can't complete the program on time?
Students having difficulty completing courses on time should notify EIN. If a student is having difficulty completing their course due to unusual or extenuating circumstances, an extension may be granted. In some cases a reactivation fee may apply.

Will EIN give me credits for courses I have already taken?

Yes, you may apply for transfer credits from colleges and other post-secondary institutions. Official transcripts are required Once exemptions have been approved we will create a custom program for you.


What does a 'unit' mean?

A unit is the  equivalent of 20 hours of class time.

I am not sure if correspondence is for me?
The Introductory Program offers an opportunity to "test drive" the correspondence method of learning to see if this is suitable for you. Our students are very excited about their learning experience and have no trouble staying focused on their studies.