The Edison Institute of Nutrition (EIN) was established in 1996. EIN is a Canadian school providing in-depth training in orthomolecular holistic nutrition by distance learning.

...a digestive course to earn CEUs for the HNCB Board Certification. This digestive program has been acclaimed for helping nutritionist and other healthcare practitioners who have extensive education, and is designed to provide new insights for complicated cases. As I’m wrapping up the course, it’s bittersweet to me that the program has been almost entirely review of Edison’s program. It has definitely confirmed that I can be proud of my education and know that I had the best in the industry. For that, I wanted to say thank you to both of you for running such a comprehensive program! I feel much more equipped as a practitioner and never hesitate to recommend your program when the opportunity presents itself.

R Fedrowitz SC

I had postgraduate education in life sciences and was looking for something interesting in my life. For a person, the most important thing in life is to know about their body and the needs to keep it fit and in healthy condition. To fulfill this desire, I found Edison Institute of Nutrition the best place to get knowledge about human nutrition.
I was impressed by the course material, book selection, the assignments done and the assistance and guidance I received from the staff at Edison (EIN). All this was the best experience of my life. Now I have completed an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Nutrition with Honors from Edison (EIN). The EIN course material was very interesting and I enjoyed my time reading the books and working on assignments. I feel that I have learned a lot during this time. The knowledge I got can be applied on me and it also enables me to help the other people. I recommend the EIN programs to anyone who has the desire to learn about Holistic Nutrition.
I am proud to be a graduate of Edison Institute of Nutrition and will always remember this time and the courteous staff at Edison.

G Ali Shah BSc(Hon), MSc(Hon), PhD Agri, ON

I will be writing my final exam tomorrow, the finish line to a very rewarding and fascinating journey. I just wanted to thank all of you for providing the opportunity to learn so much about a subject I have always been passionate about. Edison’s extremely in-depth program has left me with the confidence to know that I am ready to make a difference out there. Judy, thank you for talking me through all my worries about tackling the work-load with three children at home. You really helped me stick to it and keep plugging away! Lynne & Marlene, thank you for all the opportunities to learn. Your feedback has been so helpful and the time you have taken to ensure that I continue to learn is forever appreciated!
With much gratitude,

C Luzzi, ON

Edison Institute of Nutrition is a comprehensive Holistic Nutrition program providing in-depth knowledge of human body function with respect to the influence of wholesome healthy nutrition and lifestyle factors. The program teaching philosophy of understanding "we are all unique individuals, biochemical and otherwise" most definitely influences the scope of study within each course throughout the program.
Thank you for taking the time to create a program that truly resonates with the essence of living healthy and well.

D Simmons–ON

I first started my studies in 1999 with Edison Institute of Nutrition - at a time when holistic nutrition was a relatively new concept and career path. Edison's approach of education through distance correspondence was appealing to me, as I was already working fulltime. I also appreciated the fact that I could purchase the modules as I went along - it worked for me. The different texts and corresponding study guides and tests were like food to me; wisely chosen with an aim to opening my eyes to the wonderful healing qualities of food and nutrients. As well, various courses provided an exceptional foundation of knowledge about the magic of the human body and the positive impact healthy nutrients can have on it.
I am thrilled to say that recently, I finished my last module for attaining the Advanced Level of Holistic Nutrition, which included writing a thesis. Lynne Hinton's guidance and support throughout the process was most appreciated. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Edison Institute of Nutrition and look forward to developing a holistic practice of my own. Thank you, Lynne and all those individuals who have assisted me over the years.

Kathleen Holzermayr–BC

K. Donais RNC
The entire course was a breath of fresh air. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition before I took this course. It really opened my eyes to the myths and misleading information in the media. The distance learning was a real plus in my opinion. Addressing the root causes of symptoms or "disease" is so important in the healing process and the institute teaches you how to recognize the underlying nutritional issues. I really enjoyed the textbooks; they continue to be a great asset in my practice. The staff at EIN is very helpful, courteous and prompt in returning calls and emails. Overall a wonderful experience.

Mais Karesly
God bless you all! Edison program is really meeting what I was searching for. I always say if I want to design a program for my own needs, it won't be better than Edison's. I really love it when I study - I feel that I'm studying with all my "cells". Thanks a lot for your support, help and time!

I am currently studying theology at the graduate level, and I can say with certainty that Edison prepared me well for these studies, and has impacted my academic formation in substantive and beneficial ways.

Tom Densley
I see my future in the US and for me it makes sense to study with an organization that is based in North America and that is accredited there through NANP. Edison Institute of Nutrition fits all of my needs and requirements and seems to have a good support system I look forward to gaining knowledge through their courses.

Dr. Glenn B. Gero, N.D., M.Sc., M.H., M.E.S., C.L.C
I was certainly impressed with the course content, the choice of textbooks, and the manner in which assignments were submitted, as well as the assistance that I received from the staff at Edison. The Edison program was one of my most rewarding educational experiences. It has formed the foundational framework supporting all of my subsequent training and I am very proud to be a graduate of the Edison Institute of Nutrition.

Jane Claxton-Oldfield RNCP MDN
The selection of books for the courses were interesting and appropriately, progressively challenging as I worked my way through my certificate, my diploma and my masters diploma. For me, the opportunity for self-paced education just enhanced the value of the whole process. I have truly appreciated having someone a phone call (and email) away whenever I needed help. My questions were always answered promptly and in a way that made me feel that I was important to the school. All in all, it has been a very positive experience - one that I would definitely recommend.

Sincerely, Colette Rea
I found the material to be interesting, instructive, & encompassing a broad aspect of subjects studied that helped my understanding of many levels of how the body works. I feel confidant in having the tools I need to be able to meet my client?s individual needs. I found the instructors at Edison to be always helpful & supportive to my specific needs.

William Custance
The courses are a perfect blend of art and science. They provide a necessary understanding of our living system and with an even more important understanding of ourselves.

Anita Delmar
The Edison program is fabulous. I have thoroughly enjoyed most of the texts so far and have learned a tremendous amount. The ability to move at one's own pace is definitely a strength of this program - having been through five years of university study when I had information crammed down my throat at a ridiculous pace. I know I am learning more efficiently from this program than I did there.

Hannah Dunkley
I've been very pleased so far with my courses, and with Edison's assistance. I just wish my current job would stop interrupting my studies.

Nena A. Wirth, MASc,RNC
It is a course you take with pleasure and no pressure... It is a university in your home. Excellent choice of resource materials... EIN provides a well organized nutrition education program with a true revelation of what diseases are, their destructive capabilities, and how a sensible nutrition program can reverse this destructive process... The course was well co-ordinated and easy to follow through. It creates a hunger to learn more. When I wrote my thesis, I was overwhelmed with joy... It is incredible what this course has done in my life... I would recommend EIN to dietitians, doctors, clients or anyone sincerely interested in studying nutrition.

Diane J. Desrochers, BASc, RNCP
I have been a student of nutrition, formally, and informally, for more than 20 years. I have devoured every book on the subject I could get my hands on... The university studies I had done in nutrition did not satisfy the knowledge I needed to have, nor did they guide me to the 'approach' I wanted to use... I chose Edison because it offered what I was looking for: a complete and holistic approach to nutrition... I appreciate the organizational structure and the wide variety of courses.

Dr. K.J. McLaughlin, BSc, DC, MASc, RNC
I found the program interesting, informative and very applicable to chiropractic philosophy of health care delivery. I also found that a home-study program was the most practical and cost-effective method of developing a deeper understanding of holistic nutrition. I have come to believe that alternative medicine is the medicine of the future and after completing the MASc program at Edison, I am confident enough to tackle the most interesting and difficult cases. My experience has made me a better clinician, chiropractor and deliverer of health care services...I recommend the Edison program without hesitation to my colleagues.

Janice Ferrante
"I like the prospect of being able to continue to whatever level I choose... I find the course books to be very interesting and really enjoy and look forward to the time I spend working on it. I do feel that I am learning a lot and am really excited about the future that completing this course is going to make possible."

Darko J. Prce, RNCP
The curriculum you have prepared is absolutely excellent; it is diverse yet pertinent to the field of nutrition. Well done, Dr. Rowland, your contributions are very much appreciated.